Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hi-tech Christmas Card 2009

Since life has gotten the best of me and time has run out for the real thing to be sent out before Christmas, I have decided to send our card out the hi-tech way.

So without further ado, here it is:

2009 Summary:
This year found things crazy, busy as usual. We are planning for yet another move in the midst of this busy season and are really excited to be getting into a 4 bedroom house. It will be nice for the kids to each have their own space. I know Andrew is really looking forward to having his legos in one piece instead of worrying about Aiden's destructive hands on them all the time. Dale and I are looking forward to unpacking and staying put for a while in this newly remodeled, beautiful home.

Aiden has grown like crazy over the past year and it is hard to believe that he will soon be two years old. He has just recently started talking a lot more and really cracks us up all the time with the funny things he says and does. He just learned to say pretty when he sees Christmas lights, except it sounds more like "pity." He is also THE best hugger. There is nothing better then a huge bear hug from my little dude first thing in the morning. He has had a pretty uneventful medical year, but it looks like there will be a surgery of some sort in his future for 2010. More details to come when more is known.

Alexis started Kindergarten this fall and LOVES it. She is excelling at school and really has great enthusiasm for reading everything she gets her hands on. She also started gymnastics at the beginning of the school year and loves going to her weekly lesson. We were hoping that this would give her an outlet for her energy but so far her energy seems to be endless.

Andrew is now in 5th grade. It is so hard for me to accept that he will be going into Middle School next year. He is still a good student, super reader, and now adds to that list the title of awesome trumpet player. This year alone he has played in four different performances, in one of those concerts he had the trumpet solo for being the top trumpet player in all of elementary band for our district. He did a great job and "owned it" as his director says. He continues to be our little comedian and often keeps Dale and I in stitches with his witty sense of humor. I hope he never looses that light hearted attitude about life.

Dale is still working in Palm Springs for Stater Bros. He and I both are hoping he will get moved closer to home in the coming year so he won't have such a long commute. I have been subbing quite a bit this year at the kids' school. There are times I wonder why I am working so many days at sub rate instead of getting a full time teaching position, but then I am reminded how much I am needed at home as a mom. I truly enjoy being a stay at home mom who is also able to work on my own schedule.

We all hope and pray that you and your entire family will have a wonderful Christmas and an extremly blessed year in 2010!


  1. Cute card!!! One of my in-real-life friends did the snow globe things too - cute!!

    Love reading the summary. So cute that Aiden is saying "pretty!" Aidan just started saying "meow" and I swear I almost cry whenever he does. Something about those little milestones being even more important when things have been delayed.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best in 2010!!

  2. I LOVE the card!!! SOOOO adorable. :)

  3. awesome card! Glad to read the updates :)

  4. Very nice summary of your year! I'm sure the card is nice, too - my slow computer is still loading it! Merry Christmas Joy!

  5. Cute card!! I had to go back and catch up a little on my blog reading, so I just read about you cranio visit and Aiden's potential surgery. Poor little guy. I'm so glad Dr. M listened to your concerns. You will be in my thoughts during this time and I hope to hear an update soon!