Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reserve Me a Bed at the Looney Bin

I am sure all of you have already reserved a bed for me at the local looney bin after my last post on the #18.  But, it was this comment that got me thinking even more:
        Charity Carter said...
        Ok, I got one for you. Your name JOY is:
             O=15 +
Thank you Charity (my sister) for sharing/feeding into my insanity.  So, that comment got me thinking about my kids' names and how their numbers would work out.  I was pretty disappointed with Andrew and Alexis' numbers (65 and 70 respectively), but that all lifted once I got to Aiden's name.  His equaled.... 

drum roll please....

(and not it is not 18)..... 

his number is 33!! 

Now you are asking, "why is that so interesting?" 

Well, his birthday is 3/3, that's why!!!!!! 

And just because the insanity never ends, I decided to count the syllables in my kids' names.  Andrew: 4, Alexis: 8, and Aiden:  18 of course, because that is HIS number (or at least was back on Sept. 21st).


  1. You are too funny Joy! I love your creativity with numbers. Can't wait for more!

  2. too funny!!!! should send you all of our stats and see what you come up with. I do know that both of my boys b-days (10-16 and 7-19) add up to 26 and John really wanted Adalynn to be born on a day that would add up as well....but that would have meant she would have had to be born really early or really late, so we were happy with 6-11