Sunday, September 6, 2009


I know that the true meaning of this Labor Day really has nothing to do with laboring moms, but I thought it might be fun to learn a little more about each other.

How long were your labors?
A1, 60+ hours!!!
A2, 0 hours
A3, 14 hours.

How did you know you were in labor?
A1, was sent from a routine 37 week doctor’s appointment straight to the hospital for an induction due to semi-elevated blood pressure.
A2, no labor
A3, after 6 nights of prodromal labor I just wanted to pack my bags and go to the hospital to have the baby cut out of me. That irrational thinking should have been my clue that it was the real thing. But, it took my midwife looking me in the eyes and telling me it was finally the real thing. I don’t think I truly believed her till my water broke all over the bedroom floor..

Where did you deliver?
A1, Kaiser, San Diego
A2, Redlands Community Hospital
A3, at home, in my bedroom, in the water.

A1, every drug in the book since it was an induced labor that lasted FOREVER!
A2, a botched spinal that has left me permanently numb down the side of my left leg.
A3, not a single thing and I love the fact that I felt EVERY moment.

A1, I finally signed the form and got wheeled down the hallway after trying my hardest to avoid the cut. If only I would have avoided the induction and just let nature takes it course.
A2, automatic pass to the OR since I didn’t know there was any other way after an initial c-section.

Who delivered?
A1, have no clue what the doctor’s name was. I had seen so many cycle in and out during my 60+ hours of labor that their name really was of no importance to me at the time.
A2, Dr. Vasquez, but I don’t really consider it a delivery since we made an appointment and met in the OR.
A3, DADDY!! and my wonderful midwives, Karen and Ali.
If you want to play along, just cut and paste the questions into your own blog, and leave a comment so I know you played along!

And here are the fruits of my labor (because no post is complete without pictures). I wouldn't change a single thing about their labors for they have all made me the who I am today.


  1. You should be proud -- you have three beautiful kids!!

  2. Interesting. I was hoping for a regular delivery, too, but had to get a c-section because I wouldn't dilate and I had to have amniocentesis since my water broke. I was in labor for 17 hours before they finally gave me a c-section. It was very easy, but I was sad that I couldn't hold Gavin immediately after he was born.

  3. I still am amazed by your labor story with Aiden. You were one strong woman! Yikes, 60 hours with Andrew? I was induced too, but luckily my boy came after 12.

    Oh shoot, speaking of my boy, sounds like he's up early... darn it.

  4. Wow, VBAC at home! My water broke at work with Sawyer, but 9 hours later I was only at 4cm and not making any more change. C-section was called--and necessary since his head was coming down crooked. Riley was a scheduled repeat c-section (I wasn't dilated at all at 39 weeks). Both c-sections were super easy, but I do wonder what it would feel like to deliver naturally!

  5. All 3 natural labors. My water only broke with Desiree. I tried to have her natural but after ? I decied to have an Epidural and labor was wondeful after that for everyone (Charles and the nurses included). With Caleb I wanted the Epidural when I was 7 months pregnant and with Tatiana I wanted it shortly after she was concieved. Desiree's Epidural was the worst since I waited so long it was hard to hold still while having frequent contractions. Caleb and Tatiana's were great because I knew going in that was the first thing I wanted.
    With Desiree Charles kept making such a big deal about watching her head crown that with Caleb and Tatiana I had a mirror so I could watch the head crown. (AMAZING.).