Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hide 'N Go Seek

We woke up this morning to having a leaf bug by our front door (I know that is not his official name).  I think the poor little guy was hurt because even though he could move, he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.  The kids enjoyed looking at him and marveling at how camouflaged he would be in a tree filled with leaves.  Playing Hide 'N Go Seek with those who would want to eat him.  Or maybe he thought my big green bag by the front door was his mother ship coming to take him home.  Who knows, but the kids enjoyed looking at him upclose and personal.

Later in the day Andrew and Alexis decided they wanted to play Hide 'N Go Seek around the house.  I was trying to catch a few zzzz's on the couch and decided they could have free reign since that is a pretty quiet game.  They both came up with a few usual hiding places and then started coming to me for suggestions.  They hid in the shower, under the beds, behind doors, under the couch cushions, under the end table (that Alexis walked by 11 times before finally spotting Andrew), in the linen closet, in a trash can, in the vacuum closet, but my favorite spot by far had to have been this.....

Andrew was able to fit himself in the bottom shelf of my pots and pans cupboard!  I am shocked and amazed at how small he could make himself and even managed to get the door shut.  Unfortunately Andrew and I were laughing so hard at the fact that he was in there that it gave it away pretty fast to Alexis.

Even though she found him she still could not believe that he had gotten himself into that small of a compartment.  They really did enjoy their 30 minute Hide 'N Go Seek game.  And even though Mommy didn't get very much shut eye, I enjoyed every minute of their determination in hiding, and subsequent laughter in being found.


  1. That makes me claustrophobic just looking at him!

  2. I'm sure it will get even more fun (and interesting) when Aiden starts playing along!!

  3. Love watching you kids be creative in your play. I loved playing hide and seek when I was little.

  4. Your pots and pan cupboard looks to be about the same size as mine and I can't even imagine anyone fitting in there! That's amazing!