Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What I Learned at School Today

Alexis and Andrew had their first day of school today. There were up and ready to go super early since they were so excited. Thank goodness they were on the ball because I ended up being called in for a substitute job and needed to be to the school earlier then we had previously planned, but more on that later.
Alexis on her first day of Kindegarten
Andrew on his first day of 5th grade

We found Alexis' seat in her classroom and she was super jazzed to have her own box of crayons and other school supplies.
Mr. Gillotti and Alexis. Andrew also had Mr. Gillotti for Kindergarten. He is the most tenderhearted 6 ft., former Marine, you will ever meet. I told him again today that he is not allowed to retire till Aiden has gone through Kindergarten with him.
Mrs. Pierce with Andrew. Mrs. Pierce and I are really good friends from my year of fundraising last year and I know that she is going to be an awesome fit for Andrew. She is super organized and really gets her kiddos ready for Middle School. I hope Andrew is ready to hit the ground running because she means business!
So this morning while we were getting ready for the first day of school the phone rang. I was suprised to see that it was a call from the school at 6:40 in the morning. When I picked it up it was the principal calling to see if I would be available to sub in the Kindergarten class this morning. Little background info: This year the Kinder classes went from 20:1 all the way up to 32 kids to one teacher, but on minimum days the morning and afternoon classes all come during the morning time which means there would be 64 Kindergarteners with only 2 teachers and NO aides to help out! Part of the agreement that was made with the teachers was that a substitute would be hired on minimum days to shadow them and help them out while they had so many kids. Why she waited till the morning of to arrange the help is beyond me but I am still thankful she thought to call me. So, I got off the phone with her and immediately called my sitter to see if she was up to watching Aiden on the first day of school. Thankfully she loves him lots and was willing to take him last minute. I called the principal back and let her know I was good to go and would see her at 7:30.

Then the hussle began. I couldn't possible show up to work in my flip flops and shorts so I had to quickly change out of my mommy clothes and into more acceptable teaching clothes. Like I said before, the kiddos were so excited they were actually ahead of schedule, which made for a pretty smooth morning considering the sudden change in plans.

I get to school, check in and find out I have been assigned to Mr. Gillotti's class. This means that I will be getting paid to watch my daughter's entire first day of school! Could it get any better then that? The principal has put me on the minumum day sub list which means I will get paid to work in Alexis' classroom 16 times this year.

So what did I learn at school today:
  1. Do not put your finger in the mouth of the scissors, they bite and make you bleed and Mr. Gillotti does not like blood. And, always hold scissors with your thumb on top.
  2. Glue gets crusty just like boogies so when we are done we need to wipe the top of the glue bottles off on our hands, rub them together and then it magically comes off. Did you also know that it only takes a few dots to make it stick and not a whole glob of glue? Could someone please tell the little guy at the blue table that he doesn't need 1/2 bottle of glue for one small piece of paper?
  3. Do not eat the teacher! He read a cute book about a Shark on his first day of school that would get so excited he would eat the desk, his pencil, anything in sight. But whatever you do, DON'T EAT THE TEACHER!

I had so much fun in the class but I really did work hard for my money. I tied more shoes today then I have in an entire week for my own kiddos. I wiped up more tears then I do in entire month for my kiddos. And, even cleaned up some bodily stomach fluids (YUCK) from a kiddo who cried so hard he made himself sick. Adjusting to Kindergarten is not an easy thing.

Here is to hoping that tomorrow has less tears and such, and more fun crusty glue boogies!


  1. Your stories always make me laugh! You're a great writer. How cute both of the kids look for their first day. And that shark book sounds so cute - what was the title? I'll have to add it to my personal library.

  2. 1= Awesome you'll get paid to be in Alexis class!!!
    2- The kids looked great!!!
    3- Isn't it wonderful when the kids get up and get ready with no problems and it helped you out in the long run!!!
    4- Here's hoping tomorrow is a good morning as well!!!

  3. Kelly ~ I agree. I have always told her she should write a book. I am glad God worked it out for you to be able to be in Alexis' class and get paid for it. Hi Dale!

  4. How neat that you were there for Alexis' first day! We have one year before Ella goes, and I'm already slightly sad : (

    Really cute pictures of those cute kids of yours!