Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Little Miss!

aka: Alexis, Baby Girl, Girl, A2 or thing 2 when talking in code,
Miss AJ or Juliana when using a stern voice, Lexi, Sister, and many more.

As always Alexis' birthday was a whirlwind of activities. Her birthday celebration started at school on Friday. Mr. Gillotti had the class sing her happy birthday while he stapled a crown to her head. Of course that would cause blood so he kindly took it off before stapling. That brought laughter from all the kiddos.
I had brought cookies and balloons and then had the opportunity to hang out for a while to watch her play with her friends on the playground.

Later that night we went to a minor league 66ers baseball game. Fortunately this game did not drag on like the last one and was actually pretty enjoyable. One of the opposing players even gave her a ball. Dad was super thankful because that took the pressure off of him catching her one like he did at brother's birthday baseball game.
After getting home late that night we had to be up super early to travel down to San Diego to join my family for a birthday celebration at Sea World.
They all had lots of fun at Elmo's Bay of Play, as well as watching a few of the shows.
The birthday celebration continued through today, her actual birthday.
After daddy got home from work she opened her gifts: A Tinkerbell activity pad.
More mixes for her Easy Bake Oven,
A cute pink and purple, butterfly outfit,
A Tinkerbell figurine,
and lastly, a much anticipated new 2 WHEEL BIKE!!!
She didn't have much time at all to enjoy the gifts because we were then jumping in the car and heading to her favorite restaurant.....
Birthday girl enjoying some fun coloring time.
She kept asking the entire meal when they were going to come over and sing to her. Then when they did sing she got all shy and looked like she might cry.
Those feelings all disappeared when she dove into her yummy, chocolate shake.
And since one dessert is never enough, we headed back home to light some candles on the cupcakes she and I had made together earlier in the day. Once again she looked like she wanted to cry when we sang to her.

And now after three days of birthday celebration I am ready for a nap..... so I am ready for MY birthday on the 1st! :)


  1. Happy 5th Birthday Alexis!!! What a fun weekend of celebrating!!!

  2. Happy Birthday big girl Alexis! What a special weekend! I would be exhausted after all that . . . I think I am just thinking about it!

    Five is such a special age, and seems like such a BIG deal to us mom's. Ella will turn 5 in November, and I'm trying to remember she's still just 4 for another 3 months. Isn't it funny that there are 4 of us cleft blog mom's that have girls that are turning 5? Ellie, Rachel, Alexis and Ella. And Camden, Adalynn's big brother, just turned 5 too! I guess I didn't realize they were all so close in age!

    Take Care!

  3. She is just so cute and wow, you really know how to celebrate a birthday!