Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tumbling and Trumpets

Andrew has really taken off with his trumpet playing and really enjoys music in general. His private instructor had been telling Andrew about a band called Dallas Brass that would be playing at the Redlands Bowl on Tues. Andrew and I marked it on the calendar and made it a date. Much to our surprise we found out that Dallas Brass would be making an appearance at his school on Monday to give a special concert to the students. I took Alexis and Aiden down to the school so they could enjoy the music as well.They showed off each of the instruments and gave a really good performance. Although Alexis doesn't look too happy, she really did enjoy them. Aiden was dancing and wiggling around and was the first to give them a huge round of applause at the end of each song.The crowd favorite: They played the theme song from Pink Panther with their sunglasses on, which the kids went wild for. Shortly after we left the school performance we were on the road to try out Tumble Tots. T.T. is a fun gymnastics center that is geared toward younger kiddos. Alexis' friend had just started going and her mom was telling me all about it. The class sounded just like what we were looking for to give Alexis an outlet for her energy and creativity. Of course since I was running out the door I forgot to grab the camera (Contrary to popular belief, it is not surgically attached to my body.) While at the center I picked up lots of info on their upcoming classes and activities. Much to my surprise they were having a toddler free play time the very next day for only $2/kid. Can't beat cheap!

So, with camera in hand we head back to Tumble Tots on Tuesday for both Alexis and Aiden to play. Thankfully it fit perfectly into our new school schedule for me to pick up Alexis and head straight there.

**Disclaimer: the lighting is awful in the place with super florescent lights so the pictures are not the best by far but help you get the general idea. Even the instructor vented her frustration with the lighting so I know I am not the first mom that was frantically trying to find a setting on my camera that would work, with no success.**

Alexis was the pro since she had been the day before and was eager to show Aiden everything they had to offer.

One of her favorite activities was jumping on the trampoline. She could get a lot of air time and loved doing the splits in midair.
Aiden on the other hand preferred to just sit on the mat and play with the maracas. Go figure, my boy wanting to play with the noise makers.
We finally convinced him to go on the trampoline but he didn't stay long.
Alexis in the meantime was moving from one place to the next. The uneven bars.
To the tumbling mats to do the splits.
Back to the uneven bars to do a flip and so on.Aiden finally got off the mat but never gave up the maracas.
He was in noise maker heaven.
After finally prying them away from him he moved on to making hats out of the various objects around the gym. They were fun to bang together too. Not much tumbling going on for him, but he still had fun nonetheless.He was worn out within 40 mins and ready to go home.
But we stuck it out to the end of the hour long play time for the parachute. He wasn't too sure about shaking the thing wildly and even less sure of running underneath it, but didn't mind climbing on top of it and being spun around by the parents (mind you there was only one other mommy, the instructor and myself there so I got my workout too).
All in all they had a great time at Tumble Tots and Alexis is anxious to start taking classes next Monday and Aiden and mommy are anxious for the next toddler open play time.

Later that night, after the dinner dishes were cleaned and put away (still working on FLYing), Andrew and I got ready to go out on our date to the Redlands Bowl to watch the Dallas Brass performance. He was so funny he even asked me if he could drive us on our date. Maybe in a few years son, but not tonight.
The performance did not start till 8:15, which is already past our bedtime, so we decided we would try to stay till intermission and then head home and straight to bed.
We lasted till intermission, which was a little after 9:00, and the performance was GREAT. My date was awesome and even held my hand on the way back to the car. Who wouldn't enjoy some great music at the oldest outdoor theater, soaking in the night air and gazing at the stars with a handsome guy sitting next to them holding their hand? Boy am I one lucky lady!!
Thanks for the wonderful date Andrew. Oh, and thank-you Daddy-O for holding down the fort at home with the two younger kiddos.


  1. Wow, Tumble Tots looks like so much fun! I might have to take Gavin there in a few years. You said you were one of only 2 mommies there? Did the other parents just drop off their kids and go? How sad! I would have wanted to stay and watch the fun. And it sounds like you had a great date with Andrew. You are a very lucky lady! It was also so wonderful that Dale stayed home with the younger kiddos so you could have some time with Andrew. Dale is a very good daddy! :o)

  2. What great fun you are having. Wish I could be there to watch the tumble tots! The brass band also sounded like it was really good. What a great time you and Andrew had together. Love you all lots!!!

  3. Bella loves the Maracas and any noise makers too! Noisy kids... gotta love 'em! Your picture of you and Andrew is cute too!

  4. Yes!!!! A picture of you. Can we count on 1 hand how many of those there are on your blog? Glad Dale is feeling better!.

  5. Love all the pictures!! The tumbling looks so fun. Aidan is always leery of that parachute too. heehee

    Ok, on a side note... I have NO idea how I got the blogger video to upload. I tried it once and it booted me off after taking forever. But the second time (after I was getting ready to try YouTube and couldn't get that to work either), I just left it going and it miraculously worked. Don't ask me what happened!

    Also, I need to e-mail you about what you wrote the other day. But I'll say this for now... you can get one of those Live Traffic Feeds (I think Krissy and Allison have one... can't remember). Maybe on their sites, it has a link?

  6. Love the action shots at the gym! And what a sweet boy Andrew is :o)