Monday, August 3, 2009

17 Months Old

Aiden has really started showing his unique personality and learned lots of new things over the past month. It is so hard to believe that he is now 17 months old! I miss my little baby but love the little toddler he has become.

*He had his first beach experience and was a little intimidated by the waves.*He has mastered the poochie lip and pulls it out often if he wants something.
*He loves chasing birds, or any creature for that matter. He has such patience and could chase them for hours even though he never catches them.
*He still does the crazy tongue thing! Not just when he is deep in thought, but also when he is talking, walking, laughing, doing just about anything and everything. *He wants to be just like his big sis and big bro, even if it means being buried in the sand. He loved every moment of it!
*He drove his first car, and did a good job if I might say so myself. If the look on Daddy's face is of things to come then we are in trouble when he turns 16. Dale will be in charge of teaching the kids to drive because I just don't think my heart could handle it.
*He loves going to the pool but not necessarily IN the pool. He would rather dip a toe in on the steps and then run around the pool making mommy nervous the entire time. I thought for sure he was going to be my water baby but he seems a little overwhelmed by the big pool.
*He is my stunt man and getting more and more dangerous with each attempt. He finds anything and everything to climb up on and then has no fear getting down. He has fallen out of his highchair more times then I can count in the past month and then proceeds to climb back in the minute he gets up. No surface is off limits. He can climb on the couch by himself, into bed, onto chairs, up on baskets that have been overturned, onto his highchair and then across to the kitchen table. He gets this wonderful climbing ability from his daddy, thank you very much. He also has no fear when it comes to jumping off high objects. He no longer just holds his hands out for me to get him out of his highchair but instead has to stand up on the chair and lunge himself into my arms. A couple of times he has caught me off guard and was lucky I caught him. He keeps me on my toes that is for sure!!

He loves his wheels. He found Andrew's old skateboard when we were playing in the garage the other day and could not get enough of it. He loved to stand on it, sit on it, push it and drag it all over the place. He was so proud of himself. He has also learned how to get his bike to work by moving his legs back and forth. He is definitely a boy on the go!*He now eats anything and everything as well. I found him this morning with TEN lemon drops in his mouth at the same time!! First of all I was very thankful he hadn't choked on them since they were so stuffed in his mouth and then I couldn't stop laughing at his drooling, puckered mouth. He had found the bag and was quietly stashed in the corner eating them before he got discovered. Some of his favorite foods include pretzels, cantelope, apples, grapes, chicken, noodles, froot loops, and doritos (even super sandy ones at the beach). He does really good with his sippy cups but is sometimes a little mischevious and likes to shake it's contents all over my floor. He does the cutest thing when I make him a milk sippy cup. He stands in front of the microwave, holding the lid, and watching my every move. Once the microwave is doing it's thing he does the milk dance while mommy sings a silly made up song. I REALLY need to get it on video because it is THE cutest thing ever!

Words he can say include: mama, bubus (brother), biper (diaper.... he even brings me one when he needs his diaper changed. Is it training time??), tank oo (thank you), peas(please), more, milk, cookie, dog, cheese (as in posing for the camera with a scrunched up nose), baby, and meow (which if you didn't know is the sound a DOG makes in Aiden's world).

*He is still super physical around other kiddos and really has to be watched. He is the kid that likes to throw things, hit other kids, and push them out of the way when he wants something. I am open to parenting suggestions on this one since it is not fun having the bully in the Sunday school class.

**He really is my SUPER BABY, and I love him more then words can express!!!!!


  1. Love the update and especially the pictures that went along with each thing! I really love the first pic of Aiden at the beach!

  2. He did get most of the DARASTICS (my word) from Dale (I remember the cookie jar on the fridge story) and maybe a little from his Auntie Grace (remember her trying to fly of the shed).

  3. So cute! Gotta love little boys!

  4. Wow, they grow so fast! I love the picture of Aiden on the skateboard, his facial expression is so cute! It seems like you guys have a great time together. I hope you post a video of the milk dance soon - it sounds adorable!

  5. Love the poochie lip! How fun to live so close to the beach!!!