Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look What Aiden Can Do Now!!!

Well, it is official now, Aiden is mobile and the world will never be the same. He started by getting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth for a few days until he figured out that, even though it was fun, it didn't get him anywhere. So, on Monday he started the army crawl as we call it around here. He digs his toes into the ground, pushes off, and then uses his arms flat on the ground in front of him to pull himself forward. He can get to ANYTHING he wants now and is really enjoying this new found freedom. His favorite 'toy'? The laptop cords! YIKES!! Time to make a quick trip down to Babies R' Us for a few baby proofing items. I am sure the surgery will slow him down for a few days but not for long. Andrew and Alexis are enjoying this new phase as well and like to lure him in with a toy or blanket. I on the other hand am not truly liking this new phase because it means that he is growing up too fast. Such is life and I guess I better just learn to accept it.


  1. What a big boy you are Aiden! Nana is so proud of you. Have fun exploring all kinds of new things!!! I love you!!!!!

  2. Oh oh, watch out!!! He's mobile now!! He'll only gain speed from here on out. LOL.