Monday, September 29, 2008

"How are you feeling about THE surgery?"

Well, that seems to be the question of the day, week, month. How am I feeling? How would any mom feel when they are about to hand over their baby to have MAJOR surgery? Scared, protective, anxious, afraid, excited, worried, relieved, looking forward to having it over, MANY varying emotions. I know people mean well but sometimes it is hard to continually go through the motions and replay the list of emotions. Because of this awkward moment most people just revert back to the lines.... "Well, they do great things with cleft babies these days." and "they do this ALL the time." and "this could be much worse." Yes, they do great things and yes, they do this all the time and yes it could be MUCH worse; but this is my ONE child and I don't do this ALL the time and yes it could be much worse but this was NOT what I had envisioned for MY child." Sometimes I just want them to acknowledge the feeling(s) and not try and minimize it.


  1. Oh Joy (((HUGS))). I think all of us moms who've been in your shoes either with a cleft affected child or any other child with a condition requiring major surgery has felt the same way you do. It's frustrating. Hang in there. I'm praying for you and I'll see you Wednesday night. :)

  2. wow. i so relate to all of what you said. i can't tell you how many times people have said the same exact things to me. i'm not sure why people say the things they say. sometimes we just want to be validated for all that we are going through and will go through for our sweet babies, and for all the pain, sweat and tears it takes to get through it. i believe his surgery is tomorrow? please let me know how it goes.