Friday, September 26, 2008

Alexis' Play Date

Today Alexis had her friend Carston over after preschool. They enjoy spending time together and getting to play with each other's toys. They started their play date off with having a tea party (accessories compliments of Nana).

Once they had consumed all the tea in China, they moved on to playing school. They lined up Alexis' stuffed animals and assigned them to groups. It was funny to over hear their conversation, telling the animals to stay in line, play nice with their friends, and many more sayings I am sure they hear each day from their teacher.

Then, they took turns being the Mommy and then the baby. Funny once again to hear her say things that I say all the time.
By this time we needed to walk down to the school to pick up Kaden (Carston's big brother) and Andrew. They decided that while we waited they should make leaf salad with sand dressing. YUM YUM!
They had a great afternoon and are already planning their next play date.


  1. It looks like you had so much fun Alexis! I am glad that you and Carston had fun with your tea set and could have a little tea party. I love you bunches!! Love, NANA

  2. LOL at her saying things she hears you say! My mom tells me of how she used to hear me do the exact same thing. Funny how little girls mimic their Mommies.