Monday, October 12, 2009

What Happens when Kids are Unsupervised?

I know I am the only mommy out there that does not follow my kids around all day long and watch their every move. During these unsupervised times, like times when I HAVE to go pee or switch the laundry around, Aiden always seems to find something to do.

A few weeks ago I made a yummy batch of brownies as a suprise for Dale. I had pulled it out of the oven and placed it on the table to cool. Not remembering that my little guy is a proficient climber and that the temptation of brownies would be too much for him, I left the room to visit the lady's room. When I returned, this is what I found...... Clear sign that my little guy had helped himself to some brownies and then fled the scene of the crime, hoping to not be caught. Not that the brown gooey stuff all under his fingernails and all over his face wouldn't have given him away a few moments later.

He also has this new found fascination with the Cars movie. He likes to carry it around with him wherever he is at in the house. He has either the movie or a car replica in his hands at all times. So, during one of my bathroom trips (sounds like all I do is go pee around here), I returned to find this sweet, innocent, little boy swimming in movies.He had pulled out every movie on the bottom shelf in search of the movie of his desires, Cars! With such a cute face like that, how could I be upset about the mess? Instead of scolding him what did I do? Turned the movie on for him of course. He really only likes to watch the first 15 minutes of the movie, the big race.

Speaking of the Cars movie, he was watching the movie on Friday night (no really, he doesn't watch it ALL the time). All of the sudden he disappeared from the room and
returned with his Lightening McQueen car in hand. How cute? Well, REALLY cute, that is until he took the car and started running it around on the race track on the TV screen. Dale practically jumped out of his skin, with vision of his screen being ruined forever.

So moral of the story is: kids will find creative, destructive, annoying, funny things to do whether you watch them like a hawk or leave them unsupervised. Kids will be kids! And you want to be mad at them but can't when you find them like this..... sleeping all curled up next to their big brother, cuddling Scooby the stuffed dog.


  1. Awwww-I love the one of the boys sleeping--so sweet :o) Jon caught Drew with one leg over his crib rail last week so we may be transitioning to a big boy bed much as I don't want him to! I just keep imagining him roaming the halls at night!

  2. Atleast brownies was all Aiden ate...Sawyer ate 3 crayons and a sucker stick yesterday and another crayon today! I don't know what I'm going to do with him and he's 3!

  3. I thought you were on strick. Welcome back. I hope you are here for a while and not just a quartly update. JK Love the picture of him swimming in the movies. They are so cute when they sleep and are not getting into everything.

  4. Ah, the mischievous ways of young children! I love the picture of the boys sleeping - too cute. Your descriptions always make me laugh. Thanks for another entertaining post!

  5. I'm just now catching up with your cute kiddos... it's so funny, I think if I left a batch of brownies out, it wouldn't even OCCUR to Aidan to get into them. In fact, he probably wouldn't even eat a bite if I offered. Tried to get him to eat chocolate cake and he wouldn't touch it. What??? Who's boy is he? Certainly not Mama's!

    Love the Cars addiction too. Aidan loves playing with the DVDs.

    Love the pics - too funny!