Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch/Farm Visit

Most families have a favorite place that they go to each year to find their pumpkins. Us on the other hand, have yet to find that favorite place. Until now that is. In the past we have gone to the grocery store, produce market, commercialized/bouncy house/crazy pumpkin patch in order to find the perfect (overpriced!!) pumpkins. This year we decided to give the local Greenspot Farm our business. And we were impressed.

Aiden was immediately drawn to the animals, most of which he had only ever seen on his Baby Einstein Farm video. That kid has no fear! Walking right up, nose to nose with each of the animals. I think he liked the goats more then they liked him because he kept trying to pet smack them through the fencing, all while using his new shrill voice. Next, we went to see the rather lazy llama. Again Aiden wanted to climb in with her and had to be held back by Daddy.
This llama had the coolest eyes. One brown....and one blue.
About the only way to contain this wild man was to make him immobile on Daddy's shoulders. This kid has no fear and seems to want to conquer the world in one afternoon.
Alexis didn't particularly care for the wonderful smell that permeated the farm air. Not sure I blame her for that one, it was pretty pungent.
The horse was our next stop. He was of course more interested in his dinner and never even looked up once while we were trying to check him out.
Alexis was excited to see her favorite animal: a bunny! She of course had to reminded me multiple times that she is allergic to them and did not want to pet them.
Aiden tried to climb into the pig pen. I guess he felt like he was at home in his own pig pen of a room at times.
This guy on the other hand Aiden wouldn't even come close to. Not sure if it was the tusks (is that what they are?) or the weird, misshapened toe. He wasn't the cutest animal on the farm that is for sure.
Last on the animal excursion was the very likeable lickable cow. If you got within 5 feet of this guy he would stick his tongue out and try to lick you. I almost got a very slobber kiss from him before we figured this out. Aiden really enjoyed 'talking' to the cow.
Our next stop was the actual pumpkin patch, the real reason why we came here to begin with. Of course I forced the kids to sit for a minute while I took the annual pumpkin patch photo. Can you tell Andrew and Alexis are SO over the whole photo thing? At least Aiden seemed excited.
After we picked out three (inexpensive I might add) pumpkins we were on our way to the car. Aiden was super fascinated with the old tractor, or was he just trying to figure out what the guy was doing on the tractor. He kept pointing as if he was asking to go on a ride.
Daddy and Andrew loaded up the pumpkins in the car and we headed home to decorate them.I am so not the type that likes carving pumpkins, dealing with knives around kids, and pulling out stringy, seedy pumpkin guts. So, a few years back I came across these nifty pumpkin kits and HAD to have them.
The pieces are like Mr. Potato Head parts that you poke into the pumpkin. No carving, no degutting, clean and simple decorating. I LOVE IT! Andrew is the vampire, Alexis is the princess, and Aiden is the clown. In the past Daddy and I have decorated a pumpkin as well, as a pirate and a witch, but this year's space issue only allowed for three pumpkins to be displayed on our porch. And as if they aren't the cutest things, they are also very educational for Aiden. Everytime we come and go from the house he has to point out the eyes, nose, mouth and ears on each of the pumpkins. That beats him poking my eye out all the time to point mine out, or trying to pick my nose.


  1. Sounds like a fun day, Joy! I am so with you on not liking to carve pumpkins. Why is it the boys are incapable of scooping out their own messy pumpkin guts? The job always seems to fall to me, though...

  2. Looks like fun! If Aidan din't sleep on the way home or an afternoon nap I'm sure with all the running around he did he will sleep well tonight. It is so nice to see Dale got to go with you and help you. He works so hard yet loves to go and spend time with his family. You are very blessed. Give the kiddos love from their favorite Auntie Charity. XOXO

  3. What a super fun time....and I LOVE those pumpkin parts to make the adorable faces. I have seen some pumpkins around here all dolled up that way, too....and I just love that idea. Now, at our house Brian will be getting out the dry ice and playing more than the kids will be! Gotta love this time of year! Nice to see your blog after some time away. Good to be back!

  4. I am so very behind on my blogging - so I am catching up now. Love this post! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch. What a clever idea to use the pumpkin kits! So much less of a mess. :o)