Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

For Christmas this year "Santa" went a little hi-tech for the two older kiddos. Andrew has been wanting a Nintendo DS for the past few years but his mama is not a big fan of game systems because she sees too many kiddos in the school systems who veg out and have no imagination of their own due to hours and hours and hours spent just staring at a video game. After much pleading and begging she finally gave permission for a DS to be included in a letter to Santa. Andrew was SUPER excited to find his DS under the tree, knowing of course that it comes with conditions and restrictions for length of play time and age appropriate games and blah, blah, blah. :) Who cares he says, as long as he has one now.Alexis didn't even have a Leapster on her radar but we knew that if Andrew had a DS she would be wanting to play with it and the fight would begin. The princess leapster seemed to be the perfect fit for her and she has loved playing with it. It has been a lifesaver during the past few days while I have needed some peace to get things done for the move.
Daddy helped her get going and now she is the Leapster pro.
Aiden's favorite character is Elmo. We took him with us when we went Christmas shopping, knowing this is the last year that is going to be possible. We pulled out a few different toys, handed them to him, checked for his reaction and this toy got the best reaction by far. We almost couldn't get it away from him without a major melt down in the store. Of course by the time we got a few aisles away he had forgotten all about it. Christmas morning's reaction was no different. HE LOVES IT!!
His second favorite toy: a SUPER cheap (read: broken by Saturday) plastic trumpet. He always wants to be just like his big brother when Andrew is playing his trumpet. For the $2 we spent on this it was well worth the enjoyment he had while it lasted all of a few hours.And then there was this picture that my mom took. Who could resist those adorable eyes and huge dimples? (Gotta love our fake fireplace on the TV in the background).

Christmas for me is all about the huge smiles on my kiddos faces at the end of the day. For each of them I am truly blessed.


  1. A Hi-Tech Christmas to go along with the Hi-Tech Christmas card. :) I loved and love those p.j.'s Aidan's wearing.

  2. What a nice Christmas the kiddos has! Love the last pic of Aiden :) I know how hard it is to get a good pic of them actually looking at the camera!!!